Stockholm’s Cultural center, the Kultur Huset, it’s worth a visit.

I’ve been there to see the “Painting with camera!” exhibition.

At every bus shed, in our mobiles, in the subway, in the fashion magazine, in daily news, in your Facebook profile… Photography is now an obvious tool to reflect moments of our reality.

The camera’s mechanism and its purpose, i.e. to capture what we can see with our eyes, gave it the reputation as a tool to show our reality.

And while the technology continued to evolve, we learned to use photography to share with more and more people our image of reality.

What defines if an image is real or not? Some young photographers in Sweden took the challenge to paint with the camera. These photographers’ gaze filled their pictures with movements, colours and feelings. A visual discussion about the camera objectively marked its relation to reality and how the tool’s purpose can be expanded. Young people shared their expressions in non-figurative and abstract form, using long shutter speeds and movements to capture a subject.

And I think the result is amazing!

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