5 differences between Sweden and Greece


  • Swedes recycle almost everything!
  • It is impossible to find a smoking area indoors.
  • Here you can find and buy snooze or snus, which is a kind of ground oral tobacco product usually contained in sackets that look like small teabags and are placed behind the upper lip.
  • When Swedish people go for a coffee, they mean it. When their coffee is finished they leave the café.
  • In this country you can buy alcohol over 3,5 vol only at specific markets which belong to the state.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Greece
  • Recycling it is not their preference.
  • In Greece smoking is allowed almost everywhere. It is difficult to find a café, restaurant or a club for no smokers even though smoking is illegal in these places according to the law!
  • Snooze is illegal here and you cannot find it.
  • When Greeks go for a coffee, it can last sometimes for hours.
  • Back in Greece you can buy alcohol even at a regular supermarket.

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