Åland islands in Finland!

A cruise with Viking line . I have to admit that the trip was long, but it definitely was worth it!


But let’s start from the beginning .Me and my lovely colleague Lorenzo started our trip from Stockholm at 12:30 and we were travelling by bus around two hours and then by boat for another three and a half hours and that’s why l said it was a long trip. We were landed  in  the capital Mariehamn, on the main island of Fasta Åland, which is known for its beaches and streets lined with 19th-century wooden townhouses, handicraft shops and cafes. Västerhamn, the town’s western port, links Åland with Estonia, Sweden and mainland Finland.



What are the Åland islands?

Åland islands or Åland  is the smallest region of Finland in the Baltic sea. It is  autonomous and demilitarised.The Åland archipelago consists of 6500 islands and the official language is Swedish.


And what did we do?

We enjoyed our cruise drinking our coffee on the deck , having the beautiful view of archipelago.

We did our shopping at ferry’s duty free shop, which was the most crowed place!

We combined our drink with live music seeing all people around us having fun and get a bit of drunk too! Of course we admired the beauty of Mariehamn when we were landed and are no words to describe it!


Do not miss this!

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