Goodbye Sweden!

To tell the truth at first it wasn’t that easy to adjust in Swedish community, but now l can definitely say ‘’I AM GONNA MISS YOU SWEDEN’’!!!

After these 64 days l spent here l became a completely different person, l changed also my everyday habits. For example l was a food lover before, using and eating most of spices and l can admit l used to eat salt with food, now l am also surprised l am cooking and l do not use salt at all!

And this is just to start! Here l came out of my comfort zone and l found out my deeper personality, and l am not joking. Maybe this is one of my most serious posts and l am not going to make such a post again, cause l am not serious at all, but now l feel the need to share with you my most life changing experience which taught me so many important things!

Another thing that l gained through this experience is my ability to communicate with many different people and express myself as correct as l can to them, and this ability improved a lot, now l understand why languages are so important for humans. If you really possess them, doors are open to you to try new things, learn from the difference, improve and develop yourself and finally feel much freer than ever before.

If you are bored with the way you live, if you are confused about your own life, if you do not know what fits you most and – the most important thing – if you are ready to face the unknown and not afraid to lose your convenience, your warm home and your comfort zone…

DO NOT HESITATE… this is for you! Move on try to get rid of your safety zone.

CARPE DIEM, take the chance, but keep in mind that it is also challenge, my friend.

Yes, Sweden and its nature are impressive but l am more impressed by the things l did not know l was able to do. For the things l met for first time in my life, even the simple ones: a good companion, a good conversation, having fika with my colleague, the realisation of the people l can rely on, my limits, my abilities.

Here l remembered why l liked to exercise, l learned not to be ashamed of my body and my natural appearance, not to be afraid to tell what l am thinking about, l felt more free. I could speak with many different people, just at the bus stop, just on the street if l noticed something interesting.

Now l am caring a heritage and l do not know why I feel completely different, and at the same time almost the same, but the most important thing is that NOW l feel like myself.

I learned to learn, most of the time from my mistakes, at my job or in English language… Yes maybe l had a child’s knowledge in computing at first but l also had and still have a child’s spirit inside that pushed me and still pushes me to learn more, be curious, try on my own, dream ….

At first l remember myself counting the days, one by one, like prisoners do. Everybody laughed at me , but l know the meaning it was my own Ithaka.

I was expecting to approach my Ithaka (my hometown, my family and my comfort zone) in order to feel better and free, but through my stay here and my trips l was reaching Ithaka every day more and more, being far away from this imaginary land. The journey gave me what I expected from my own ithaka , this journey gave me a bit of myself back to me!

Maybe when l am back l will start again to do the same things as l used to do, but nobody can ever take from my mind the little sense of freedom l felt!

It’s not bad to complain, it is bad when you are just complaining and you don’t do anything to improve your current condition.

These were my last thoughts for this EVS experience, so I preferred not to edit them at all!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned I will be back with much more experiences to share and a new blog name!

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